Wipes – Everbuild Wonderwipes (300)


Wipes – Everbuild Wonderwipes (300)

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These versatile wipes clean the hands as well as tools and surfaces of a wide range of industrial soilings. The powerful formula can tackle adhesives, expanding foam, silicone, and more without the need for water to rinse. Ideal for a busy site or where water isn’t available, these wipes are a convenient must-have.

Features and Benefits:
> Suitable for the removal of wet and partly cured soilings, including silicone and paint
> Sealed in portable and easy to dispense packaging
> Water-free, these wipes absorb and remove dirt without the need to rinse

Typical Applications:
> Industrial
> Building

> Not for use on porous surfaces
> Dispose of used wipes in general waste only
> Do not flush down the toilet
> Avoid prolonged contact with the skin

> BS EN 1276

Wipes – Everbuild Wonderwipes (300)
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