Insulated Plasterboard 2400mm x 1220mm x 37.5mm


Insulated Plasterboard 2400mm x 1220mm x 37.5mm

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PIR Insulated Plasterboard 37.5mm is a premium building material that combines two essential functions into one panel. It is a high-quality plasterboard that is bonded to a layer of PIR insulation foam, which provides excellent thermal insulation properties.

This product is perfect for any construction project where both thermal insulation and plasterboard are needed, such as wall or ceiling installations. Its innovative design ensures that the insulation layer is seamlessly integrated into the board, providing excellent insulation properties while also maintaining a smooth and even surface finish. PIR Insulated Plasterboard 37.5mm is a revolutionary building material that offers excellent insulation properties and ease of installation.

One of the main benefits of 37.5mm PIR Insulated Plasterboard is its superior thermal insulation properties. Its high-density PIR insulation layer provides excellent insulation performance, reducing heat loss and energy consumption. This can help to lower energy bills and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Another significant advantage of PIR Insulated Plasterboard 37.5mm is its ease of installation. It’s all-in-one design eliminates the need for separate installation of insulation and plasterboard, making it faster and easier to install. This can help to streamline the installation process, reduce labour costs, and speed up construction times.

PIR Insulated Plasterboard 37.5mm also provides superior sound insulation properties. Its dense insulation layer helps to reduce the transmission of sound, making it an ideal choice for buildings where noise reduction is a concern, such as homes, offices, and recording studios.

Insulated Plasterboard 2400mm x 1220mm x 37.5mm

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